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Early Years Picture News is a weekly news resource created specifically for children aged 3-5.

The Picture News poster is used as a stimulus for the children to take part in a weekly speaking and listening activity whilst introducing children to new vocabulary. We place a great deal of emphasis on learning from the news (as well as about). Children are encouraged to share their ideas, thoughts and feelings, giving opportunities to develop confidence. Children learn to respect others as they develop an awareness that we are all different and have different responses.

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What's in a pack?

  • A vibrant poster with a big, open question based on a current news story. The questions encourage children to discuss, debate and form opinions. This allows schools opportunities to teach children respect, tolerance and to celebrate differences.
  • A whole class speaking and listening activity explaining the story in detail, with further open questions and opportunities for discussion and debate.
  • A resource to encourage the children to relate the news story to their own experiences or to give them opportunities to discuss their likes, dislikes, views and opinions.
  • Provision Area Challenge ideas giving children opportunities to take what they have learnt in the news into their free choice play.
  • Provision Area Challenge cards to assist adults, supporting play, in the areas of provision to ask open questions, use and model the key vocabulary and see which learning objectives the children can work towards.
  • A colourful weekly key vocabulary sheet covering all the key vocabulary introduced within the news story and in the areas of provision. It helps support staff to know what vocabulary they are modelling and teaching each week, as well as evidencing new vocabulary.
  • A printable writing proforma is available for every writing challenge.
  • One other printable resource for one of the Provision Area Challenges. The provision area it covers will vary from week to week.
  • An online area giving you access to past assemblies, an assembly PowerPoint, training, teaching ideas and more!

I have found Picture News really useful and have used it to great effect with our Reception children who have loved looking at the pictures. It has shown a real divide between the children that are aware of issues within the wider world and those that are still operating on a much more simple level. It has also allowed me to explore higher order questioning and to develop children's understanding and vocabulary.

Early Years Coordinator, Leigh St Mary's Church of England Primary School

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