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Our weekly primary pack is created for children aged 5 – 11. The resources are designed to expose children to current affairs, discover their interests and bring the world closer to their everyday lives.

Picture News can be used to inspire and engage in real-life learning that they can impact and influence! Read more

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What's in a pack?

  • A vibrant A2 poster with a big, open question based on a current news story. The questions encourage children to discuss, debate and form opinions. This allows schools opportunities to teach children respect, tolerance and to celebrate differences.
  • Picture News at Home giving an overview of the story with focus questions for children to discuss with adults at home. This is a great way to strengthen home-school links, engage your communities and develop speaking, listening and vocabulary further.
  • A Picture News Paper containing four stories from all around the world. Older children often enjoy accessing and reading these independently. We encourage our schools to engage with us and sometimes our paper includes a report from you!
  • A main assembly, explaining the story in detail, with further open questions and opportunities for discussion and debate.
  • KS1 and KS2 focuses for further exploration at an age-appropriate level.
  • An online area giving you access to past assemblies, an assembly PowerPoint, training, teaching ideas and more!
  • Key vocabulary, video links and website links.
  • A meaningful and relevant link to British Values.

We are using Picture News posters as our assembly focus every week. They are brilliant at catching the children's attention and highlighting current news items in a child friendly way. Thank you for revamping our Assemblies and bringing the news into our school.

Deputy Head, Thrumpton Primary School

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  • Display wallet - A hard-wearing A2 folder for storing your glossy posters

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£590 / year

  • Sent via post and email every week
  • Full access to Picture News Online
  • Display wallet - A hard-wearing A2 folder for storing your glossy posters

Personal Development

Picture News can support you with the personal development of the children you teach.

Extend your curriculum beyond the academic, technical or vocational. Give children opportunities to develop learning further through news stories that inspire them. Allow them to discover talents and interests through the broad coverage. How can you know you are interested in something if you don’t even know it exists?

If they want to make a difference, they have to have the confidence to speak out.

They must develop resilience. If at first, they do not succeed, develop ideas further, do not give up!

Expose children to a range of current issues including political, religious, cultural, environmental, social, moral, spiritual.

Make British Values relevant and meaningful and develop links between personal, school and community values.

Allow children to demonstrate respect and tolerance. Children often can explain how they should behave or what they should say but what better way to teach respect than if they are discussing something they actually care about?

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