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Meet Ruth!

This week, we’d like to introduce our brilliant Finance and Marketing Officer Ruth! “My role consists of writing the mini newspaper, helping to proof read, print and pack Picture News,...

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Taken On Trust by John Dabell

Some teachers actively encourage the children in their class to be independent learners and that’s a good thing. The 21st needs them. You gotta have sole In a Self-Organised...

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Meet Rob!

Next up in our meet the team segment is Picture News co-founder Rob Harrison. Rob was raised on a farm in North Yorkshire, where he’s now living with his...

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Meet the team…

Over the next few weeks we’ll introduce a new member of our Picture News team. First up…our Education Consultant Jo! I am so excited to be working for Picture...

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What will news look like in the future? By John Dabell

They say that it’s difficult to make predictions, especially about the future! That’s certainly true when it comes to the news. Things change so fast and life is always...

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Picture News – Competition Winners!

Our competition winners… Lyndhurst Primary School We recently ran a competition to find out more about how Picture News is used in your school. We were overwhelmed with the amount...

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Good News

“Miss, tell me something good!” Children can be forgiven for thinking that the world is a very bad place with very bad people doing very bad things. It’s true,...

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A typical week at Picture News HQ!

Find out what a typical week looks like for our busy team!

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What time’s assembly? by John Dabell

‘The Marmite Gene Project’ found that people are born biologically more likely to be either lovers or haters of Marmite. I have no scientific proof but I’d say the same...

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Does anyone know what ‘Fundamental British Values’ are? By John Dabell

We have no written constitution so we don’t have a set of explicit values or core beliefs ingrained in our culture or national DNA. The concept of ‘British values’...

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Ensuring a rounded education

This is an exciting time for schools teaching media and information literacy. The current interest in the news, particularly ‘fake news’, means that ‘the news’ and critical literacy skills...

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Do you want the good news or the bad news? By John Dabell

  What makes the news? When the news makes the news then that really is news! Put simply, the news has never more been ‘in the news’. Over the...

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