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Using the News for PSHE Education

How does the news connect to PSHE education?
The purpose of PSHE education is to give children the knowledge and skills they need to prepare for life and work, as they develop into young adults.

Helping children to become well-adapted, productive citizens is part of our mission at Picture News.

Including exploration of current affairs in your PSHE sessions comes with an array of benefits, as you expose children to the world around them whilst developing those all-important personal skills needed to navigate adult life!

Building cultural capital
Current affairs exploration introduces children to people from all over the world.

Using the news and real-life learning within PSHE exposes children to a diverse range of people and their viewpoints, perspectives, opinions and ideas.

It also shows children new places, cultures, ways of life and scenarios – many of which will be brand new to them. What better way to freshen up your PSHE content than to use real-life examples from the news?

Understanding themselves and their peers
Opening children’s eyes to what’s happening in the world can be a fruitful opportunity for self-discovery, and to learn about those around them.

A news story as a PSHE focus can prompt children to learn about themselves and others, by contemplating:

What interests them?
What do they care about?
How do they react to a story?
What emotions do they show?
What have other people experienced?
What are other people’s perspectives?

Developing interpersonal skills
Having meaningful discussions about news topics can nurture children’s interpersonal skills, including communication, active listening, empathy, and respect – to name a few!

News-based discussions promote understanding and tolerance amongst children, as they learn that everyone has different responses and opinions on topics.

You can use this focus in your PSHE sessions to remind children that we should respect others and their responses, even if they differ from our own.

Learning what it means to be a good citizen
The news reflects the real world, from which children learn important life lessons.

Children can engage in real-life learning by looking at the world beyond the classroom, and encountering real people and situations. They may observe lessons of humanity, caring for others, or speaking out about something important.

This broadened view helps children develop into productive citizens who care about the world!

Key takeaway
Using the news can be an exciting way to freshen up your PSHE sessions in school. The news is constantly evolving and developing, meaning you’ll always have new topics to explore and learn from!

A current affairs focus can help you meet PSHE expectations and requirements, with a real-life basis to enable developmental opportunities for the children you teach.

Bring the news to your PSHE sessions
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