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Why should I teach with the news?

Think current affairs aren’t for children? Think again!

There are so many benefits to using news-based resources with your pupils, but here are just a few…

Enhance children’s global awareness

Learning about current affairs unlocks an abundance of information from all over the world. At Picture News, we believe the more global the story is, the better!

Teaching with the news can build your pupils’ cultural capital. Regardless of their social class, age, race, gender, or personal circumstances, all children can grow their global understanding by exploring, analysing, and debating news topics. News-based learning can take children beyond the walls of their classroom, to introduce new and exciting stories.

Personal development

There is a strong relationship between global awareness and self-awareness.

Learning about the world allows children to explore their own opinions, interests, and passions! Knowing what’s happening can help them expand their understanding of the world around them.

Exploring and debating news stories can ultimately shape your pupils as well-adapted, productive citizens, who genuinely care about the wider world.

Engaging in debates and discussions related to current affairs also contributes to the development of your pupils’ social skills, such as respect for others’ opinions and communication skills.

Real life learning = happening now!

Knowing about issues and events happening in the world gives children the opportunity to get involved and make a difference right now! This could be local or global.

Many of our subscribed schools have reported heartwarming actions taken by children, after exploring news topics with Picture News. For instance, Gee Cross Holy Trinity School told us about their Hearts for Homes initiative. Inspired by our pack ‘Should visits to care homes be allowed?’ during Covid-19, Year 2 sent letters and ‘pocket hugs’ to local care home residents. They personally delivered these and waved at residents through windows.

Year 2 from Gee Cross Holy Trinity School, who waved at care home residents during Covid-19.

Curriculum benefits

What’s going on in the news can directly link to nearly every area of the curriculum. News-based learning can provide fresh and exciting content for your pupils. This in turn strengthens their engagement by providing context and real-world examples of the curriculum in action!

Teaching with Picture News contributes to the development of children’s critical literacy and critical thinking skills, as we look beyond news stories to philosophise the wider issues attached to them.

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