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The moon, chocolate, and hair? What do they all have in common?

By guest writer, Alicia Coad

They are all in this week’s primary school assembly resource! We pick the stories of the week to focus on to help our schools with their school assemblies this week. Our lead story is about the EHRC ruling that children should not be singled out in school for having afro-textured hair.  This guidance announced this week in England, Scotland and Wales is a great opener for children leading on to the much larger topic of discrimination. Our resources in our school assembly pack look at this story and how it can develop discussion around what people wear, how they talk, how they look and the prejudices this can cause. A great story to discuss discrimination and get children really thinking. We look at school uniforms and why they should not make anyone feel uncomfortable or discriminated against – a great example for the primary aged children as it’s something they wear themselves every day.

Meanwhile in other news, we consider whether children should have been consulted on the news that Celebrations are removing the bounty from their chocolate. A great fun topic to discuss, who likes it, who doesn’t, and should companies always listen to their customers? Moving swiftly one we also cover in our primary school assembly resource pack this week the discovery of a rare orchid that smells like rats and rotten cabbage!

Finally, the smiling sun, the KS1 and KS2 children will love learning about this in assembly – NASA have released a video that it says shows the sun “smiling” at the end.

So, all in all a very varied week from the team at Picture News – that’s how assemblies should be!

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