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Picture News & the Prevent Strategy

Who knew Picture News could contribute to your Prevent Strategy?

Here are 3 reasons how.

Broad news coverage:

Picture News resources prompt pupils to identify and understand topical issues.

Our wide range of stories cover political, social, moral, and environmental issues, and explore different cultures.

Teaching the news therefore brings the wider world closer to children, and helps them understand their place as citizens.

Opening children’s eyes to the experiences of others via news-based learning can generate empathy – an important tool for your Prevent Strategy.

Developing emotional articulation:

With Picture News, it’s not just the case of learning what is happening, but philosophising wider related issues.

We create talk-based resources, centred on open-ended questions.

These discussion points develop children’s emotional intelligence and their ability to articulate their thoughts.

Being able to reason, digest information, conduct critical thinking, determine opinions, and voice responses are essential for a successful Prevent Strategy.

Showing children they are autonomous with their own voice is key to teaching them how to be productive citizens and successfully integrate Prevent in school.

Linking British Values:

In 2014, the DfE published guidance to promote British Values in schools to prepare children for life in modern Britain.

The British Values are Democracy, Rule of Law, Mutual Respect & Tolerance, Individual Liberty.

Implementing these values can be a useful tool to develop pupils’ sense of citizenship.

Each Picture News pack connects a news story to a related British Value, to show your pupils these values in action.

Curious to learn more? Download a free Picture News sample pack, here.

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