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Picture News Impact Awards 2024

In case you haven’t heard – the Picture News Impact Award is back for 2024!

Let’s talk about it…

What is the Impact Award?
At Picture News, we are passionate about using current affairs to help children learn from our world, use their voice and know that they can make a difference. The Picture News Impact Awards aim to celebrate children, schools and communities who are doing just that!

The Impact Awards let you share a project you have undertaken as a school or community that has made a real impact.

It could be a fundraising effort for a cause that’s important to your school, an initiative which contributes to looking after your community, or perhaps an environmental project borne out of children’s awareness of climate change. Whatever it is, we want to know!

This year, we’re awarding all applicants with a bronze, silver or gold award. The criteria used to assess your project can be found here.

Why enter the Impact Award?
Entering the Impact Award is a chance for you as a school community to come together and reflect on the important work you have done so far, or perhaps inspire you to act and begin making a difference!

It offers the opportunity for you to celebrate and share a project you have undertaken that has had a positive impact upon your community, country or even wider world.

You could use your time spent on the award to empower and inspire the children, involve them in your project and application, and remind them that they can make a difference to the world around them.

All applicants will receive a Picture News Impact Award logo, which you can proudly display on your website, newsletter or social media. You’ll also receive a trophy – why not place it in a communal area of school for all to see?

What should I consider for my school’s application?
Here are some important points to consider when choosing and telling us about your project.

What happens once I’ve entered?
To enter, email your application to help@picture-news.co.uk or post them to our HQ!

Our judges will read and assess your entry within 10 days of submission. We’ll get back to you with feedback and your award allocation, and later you’ll receive a trophy in the post.

Feel free to share your award on your school’s website and social media with pride!

When’s the deadline?
We’re accepting entries until 31st July 2024 – we can’t wait to hear about the difference you’re making!

Impact Award criteria and further information found here.

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