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Picture News Impact Award 2021

Entries for the Picture News Impact Award 2021 are now open and we are very excited to celebrate the incredible work you do in your school!

We were blown-away by some of your 2020 entries. The difference you had made to others was amazing and here, at Picture News HQ, we were shedding tears (in a good way!).

We had schools supporting their local community such as Mayflower Primary School, who found a creative way to fundraise for their Rotary Club after their carnival was cancelled for the first time in 67 years.

We had schools reaching out to their local care homes such as Gee Cross Holy Trinity Primary School, which further inspired a #heartsforhome campaign.

We had schools impacting global issues such as St Peter’s CE Primary School, who raised awareness and funds for animals affected by the devastating Australian bush fires.

Using current affairs to inspire a project that has an impact is really rather special. Children can work as part of a team, use their voice, learn from and about our world and really make a difference.

If you have made an impact, you will receive a Picture News 2021 Impact Award and Logo. Look out for the Gold Award, for any schools who have made an extra special difference!

We would love to hear from you so request full details and an application pack here: https://bit.ly/3tnaM5Q

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