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British Values Displays

Access the free Picture News British Values display poster here!

Creating a British Values display in school is a great way to capture learning. This blog shares our tips and advice for making the most out of your board space!

Communicating British Values in school

Since 2014, the Fundamental British Values have been an important part of the curriculum, as outlined by the DfE. They are democracy, rule of law, individual liberty, and mutual respect and tolerance.

The DfE advises that teaching the British Values helps children prepare for modern life, by summarising what is important to people in Britain, and the different ways in which to be productive citizens.

The purpose of a British Values display
Displays can be an aesthetic addition to your school, but they are underpinned by important purposes for teaching and learning.

  • A British Values display evidences and reflects the learning that has occurred in school. It can be a useful space to share your values coverage with parents, other staff and Ofsted inspectors.
  • A display with a British Values theme is a good way to showcase your school’s values and alignment with British Values. Perhaps there are similarities between your school’s ethos and the British Values.

  • The display can consolidate British Values understanding for children. Your content can give children reminders of what the values are, encourage children to know what each value means, and also prompt moments to reflect on the values.

Tips for creating a British Values display
To optimise your display, here are some key points to consider:

  • Locate your display in a communal area, to enable as many people in school to see your display as possible! This will create bigger impact and reach for your content.
  • Think about the focus. Will you include all of the values on one board? Will you use multiple boards that each focus in detail on one value?
  • Consider involving the children and different classes’ work. Will you involve children in deciding what content to include? Will it be a collaboration between classes and key stages?
  • Incorporate your school’s own values alongside the British Values. Are there overlaps which you can highlight on your display?
  • Will you add decorative pieces? Bunting, garlands, flags and maps can enhance your board, transforming it into a colourful area of school. Continue reading for examples of board decoration from our schools!
  • Access our free British Values display poster here, which includes all of the values, with points of reflection for children.

British Values display examples from our schools
Our schools have made fabulous British Values displays; here are just a few examples for inspiration!

An Early Years British Values display with bunting and resources from Picture News!
A British Values display which includes Picture News resources, a map and flag to communicate the values.
A display that connects British Values with UN Rights of the Child.
A British Values display which connects the values to the school environment, for example School Council.

British Values displays with a Picture News twist!
The British Values can be quite abstract, which may sometimes feel tricky to communicate to children and young people.

However, we can find examples from the real world to show children the values in action. We think the best way to do this is by using the news!

Looking at what’s happening in the world can reflect the values in reality. A news-based approach to contextualise the British Values can boost children’s understanding of the values, so that they can identify, describe and relate to the values, as individuals and a school community.

Access our free British Values display poster here!

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