Should sports stars be expected to give interviews?

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Sport stars shouldn't HAVE to give interviews if they are not comfortable with it. They will have different perspectives on whether they actually want to share any information and shouldn't be criticised if they don't give interviews.

Hareer - Age 10

I don't think they should unless they form a bubble with an interviewer so there is no risk that covid-19 should spread.

Elinor - Age 11

I do not think that if they didn't want to, they should be expected to give them an interview, as, they may not want to give information to reporters.

Mali - Age 11

They should be allowed the opportunity to give an interview but they don't have to if they don't want to.

Finley W - Age 11

I do not think that they should be expected to give interviews I think that they should be allowed to give interviews if they want to.

Emily-Rose - Age 10

I think that they should because some fans like to see them.

Olivia - Age 59

if they would want to then they'll do it because some people are quite shy

Oscar - Age 11

I think thay can if thay want to but if thay dont want to its ok you should let them have a opinion

Reba - Age 11

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