Could you imagine living on another planet?

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Living on a different planet may have a far greater impact than we think as the atmospheres and days on other planets are not quite the same like Earth's,but if humans don't take care of the planet, it'll be a possible last resort for our futures.

Fannie K - Age 10

No, not yet anyway because we haven't had people stay on another planet for longer than a year so in a long time in the future we might be able to live on another planet but not now. We would also need to create better rockets, fuel that lasted longer and people wanting to go.

niamh - Age 9

It would be pretty lonely up there but be cool to it would all be to your self to explore

Kayden - Age 10

Yes but only if my family and friends could come as well. It would also kind of depend on what planet I’m moving to.

Annemarie - Age 11

I think it is a very good idea, because then there will be more possibilities for human expansion and further capabilities.

Alfie - Age 10

i would not like it because its not mapped out so it would be easy to get lost. and theirs nothing to do but find more parts of the planet but it would be fun to explore. but as i said you could get lost evan with a super vizier

Liam - Age 10

Re a related question on how important it is to explore Mars- "It is important because they could find things like medicines to help people."

Mylo - Age 8

I would be very excited and very nervous because we would only move to another planet if our Earth was destroyed and it would worry me if we can take care of the new one we were going to live on.

Zuha Khokhar - Age 9

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