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How can we show our thanks to those who help us?

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We could show our love to those who help us by sending some presents and cheering for them.

Phoebe - Age 10

With ????flowers and chocolates

Sophia Jackson - Age 8

I like that the children are thanking the NHS to

Zachary - Age 10

By dedicating some time in the week to cheer for them . They work so hard through out the pandemic that their work needed to be appreciated and awarded .Sending thank you card to bring a smile on their face and hopefully it could cheer up on a very tiring and stressful day.

NEIL - Age 8

The poster is a great idea for thanking the hard working doctors and nurses. I have seen some posters on my walks.

Minnie Wright - Age 6

We must respect the decisions and opinions of the people who help us and thank them every time. Their help is a divine miracle. Thank you

Adam Mohamed - Age 7

Rosie is very glad to have the front line staff helping our community and has been happy to stay at home to help others.

Rosie Holliday - Age 5

I clap for the nhs & heroes because they are helping us by saveing lives & keeping services open & us safe

Thomas Fiddler - Age 5

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