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What makes a good leader?

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A good leader has to listen to everyone's ideas, be as kind as possible, help out. She/he has to communicate , be patient and resilience. Not to mention the way a leader has to be honest, have a good influence and be polite. The leader has to have empathy & be dedicated.

Phoebe - Age 10

I good leader is someone who listens

Alexander Richards - Age 7

I think a good leader needs to be kind ,listen to other people's ideas and they should be prepared for anything Like viruses .????????

Ayla - Age 9

Someone who is firm and fair.

Callum - Age 10

I think to be a good leader you need to be respectful and listen to your people

Glitchy eclipse - Age 10

To be a leader you need to respect you people

Olivia - Age 10

To show good leadership you have to make it fair for everybody, and be equal

Zohaib Baig - Age 10

A good leader is someone who is respectful and listens to others so that they can help each other.

Mason - Age 7

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