Should we always be treated the same?

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yes we shud allways get treated the same.

oliver - Age 10

Yes we should all be treated the same because people shouldn't say who's better then others and who's worse than others.

Henry edmond - Age 10

I think it depends on the situation, my sister is younger, only 6 so she goes to bed earlier, this is fair as im older and get to stay up late. It wouldn't be fair if we were the same age and one of us had to go to bed early and not the other.

Leo chaperlin - Age 10

everybody should be treated equally and with dignity no matter what their circumstances; which means nobody should be treated in an inhuman or degrading way.

Fares - Age 11

No we don't always have to b treated the same way because sometimes you have to be treated differently for example someone is sick and you have an eye problem you go to the doctor the doctor won't give you the same treatment because the problem is different.

Mahathi - Age 10

yes. because it doesn't matter what we look like, we are all the same inside.

kienan cook - Age 10

No, because sometimes younger children need to have the rules changed or adapted so that they can join in and enjoy the activities as-well.

Isaac - Age 7

I don't think we should always be treated the same. For example, if someone is not as good at something and needs help. But sometimes we should be treated the same, for example, if you are as good as someone and you can handle it.

Mia - Age 8

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