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What are the best ways for us to keep active?

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To be active as a family and encourage each other. We are doing the couch to 5k . My mummy and I also use the calm app. I’m missing my friends who I usually play with but hopefully I’ll see them soon. Take care Alexander smith silcoates Wakefield

Alexander smith - Age 10

We should go on walks in the forest and bike rides with our family to keep active when we can’t play football with our team.

Liam - Age 8

I think the best way to keep active it to play,read,write ,play board games,workout and play sports outdoor or indoors.

Mahathi - Age 10

By eating well balanced food and doing physical exercises that will keep both our brains and bodies active leading to good health.

Saeed Alshamsi - Age 10

I think we have to eat healthy and that we have to work out go for a run or something, and do something productive like yoga or go to the gym

Tyra bantar - Age 10

I think a good way to keep active is to walk for at least 8 minutes and 5 seconds a day.

Nihal - Age 8

My family keep active on our farm. It takes a few hours to get all the sheep off the fells.

Rowan - Age 9

I make obstacle courses. Everyday I do jobs on our farm, giving the food and water to the sheep.

Lucy - Age 8

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