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Are holidays important?

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Yes because you get to explore the world.

Lucy Carter - Age 9

Yes I think holidays are important because not only you relax but you do learn new stuff and meet new people.

Julia - Age 10

Yes, because if we stay home forever without going on holidays in school leaves, we won't have fresh air to breath , so if you go on holidays, on the way you will have fresh air

Shivani - Age 8

Holidays aren't really important. It is most like to have a holiday for a reason, like you just want to go there, you could meet your family, for a job or any other reason but I think holidays are important

Elinam - Age 8

Yes because you need a change of scenery sometimes.

Tabitha Roberts - Age 9

We are going on day trips i.e the zoo. I think that we shouldn’t have air bridges because people can still get COVID.No I don’t think it’s a good idea to go on holiday because Covid can spread more. Its important to take holidays because it is relaxing and see new places.

Izzy Reddish - Age 9

Yes, because its a chance to get out and relax and don,t be stressed about school or work and spend time with your family and love spending time with them and explore new places and and cultures

Neve marshall - Age 9

Yes because people often need a break from their daily lives.

Gloria - Age 9

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