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Why do we have statues?

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Statues are for remembering famous people .

Aakash Das Gupta - Age 8

So we can remember the important people in the world maybe who have done to space or saved our world.

Lucy Carter - Age 9

To show landmarks and sculptures of famous people who might of made a change in our living world

Luke - Age 10

I think statues are important because they represent a person whose been working hard ,and supporting the local community.

Julia - Age 10

we need new stauas because then we can learn something new

craig - Age 9

We have statues to remember certain people because they have sometimes changed our way of life and need remembering for their bravery. We also have statues to decorate places.

Emily - Age 10

I think they have statues because they remember famous people who have died .

Safaa Bham - Age 10

Statues are important so we can remember people who have made history. In Chesterfield we have a statue of George Stephenson outside the train station to mark his contribution to the railway industry.

Elena Lilley - Age 9

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