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What is loneliness?

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It is good to help older people to have time together and spend time with others because they may be missing family who have passed away or do not live close by. We like the idea of the people not being lonely. It is nice to have something for the elderly to share together.

Badger Class - Age 5

It's sad to feel lonely. We should remember to show kindness to everyone because we don't know who might be feeling lonely.

Oona - Age 7

Loneliness is when you are alone when you do not want to be.


It is a very sad feeling. We should help people to always feel included.


I think it is when you would like to have some friends but you don't have anyone to hang out with.


We should all try to find lonely people and talk to them and watch football with them.


We need to try to build communities where everyone has friends to talk to so they don't feel lonely.


Loneliness is when you feel like no one really knows or understands you.


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