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Are there some jobs robots could never do?

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I think that robots do not have real emotions so it won't really make them like real humans .real humans should also do jobs that involve interacting with other humans and robots to do other things so they won't make patients and people uncomfortable.

Olivia - Age 10

i think robots could not do every job like being a teacher and carers

kaiden - Age 9

i think robots can do anything as long as they have the proper skills and a kill switch

riley - Age 9

They cant water plants because they might break if the water touches them

misha - Age 9

I think that robots can do anything and that they are useful in everyday life

leah - Age 11

i think robots can,t do is fixing the cars

Ghaith - Age 10

robots can't be a swimming teacher because their circuits get wet and the water will mess up their circuits.

lexi lou boyle - Age 10

yes robots can't do every job in the world because they can't go in water so they can't do ,drink testing but... they can do teaching,P.E ,reading,go to planets, work for Twiter ,Facebook, be on a football team, book makers, see what's inside a black hole and look after kids

Aimee-Louise - Age 10

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