What makes us unique?

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I think there is not only a few people that are unique, everyone is unique in their own way and they shouldn't be judged for how they are unique.

Ella - Age 10

we are all unique because we are all different and that is what makes us special.

Christopher - Age 10

They have there own special talent and way of doing things no one should judge you because they don't do something like you. We are all unique. Don't let anyone take that away

Megan - Age 10

Everyone is unique in their own special way. No one should ever judge people for who they are.

sofia - Age 9

we are all different but we are Unique for who we are. we all are amazing and we can do ANYTHING we want together!!!

Lily - Age 10

I think that just being ourselves makes us unique. All our different personalities, races, likes and dislikes, and opinions make us different in a good way. I think that we should be allowed to celebrate our differences, as long as we are kind.

Bella - Age 10

I think what makes us unique is our differences. Such as appearances, personalities, interests and lots more. If we were all the same, we won't have our own thing that no one else has.

Lily - Age 10

We are all unique because if we all had the same hobbies and good and bad at the same things the world just feels boring but if we all have different hair personalities we all like to learn about others and there ways and even if you are autistic your special.

Nahom - Age 10

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