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Is the world a better place when we live a more natural life?

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Yes it might us be more eco-friendly to the plant and do stuff like: Plant trees and stop animals from extinction

Owen Z - Age 10

Yes, I approve of having a more natural life. It lets you be calm, self-controlled & most importantly, you can be happy. If you live in big cities, your life has more chances of being harsh but not passive. We are alive but if yours is troublesome, check your surroundings.

Praneel Nayak - Age 7

Yes because when we don't live a natural life, things get in the way and if we do live a natural life, we will be free from our worries.

Aioke - Age 8

I think we should live a natural life as if we were saving the planet and not ourselves and we spend to much time on electronics but they are also essential as well so I think we stay in middle of both.

Nahom - Age 9

I think it is everyone’s job to deal with because everyone lives on earth and if we don’t buy anything from them then they won’t sell it.

Leo Jones - Age 9

I think people are happier when things are real and not fake.


I think we just have to be careful with the tech we choose to use.


I prefer it when things are simpler. Technology can make things complicated.


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