What does a good role model look like?

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A good role model is some one you look up to and inspires you. You could be a role model to a younger sibling. Your mum or dad could be who you look up to.

alfie - Age 10

A good role model acts politely towards others, is very patient and the way they act teaches others to become like them.

Andreaa - Age 11

A good role model looks like they have a emotion that is clear and they will do a popular pose

Iowa - Age 8

I think a good role model would be someone who is smart and kind.

Evelyn - Age 10

A good role model looks like well every role model is different so nobody nows what every role model looks like.

Iowa - Age 8

I really loved the bit about the kangaroo! The bit where it tried to shake their hand was soooo cute and funny!!!

Elsie Frew - Age 9

A good role model is someone who has the strengths we most admire.

Elli - Age 12

Someone who lives a great life.

Maz - Age 11

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