Would we all work better with a four-day week?

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I think that some people might work a bit better because they have more time to rest and get ready for the next working week. Some people might just work worse because having longer breaks might make them lazy and then they would get used to a chilled lifestyle.

Tilly - Age 10

I think a 5 day week you can learn more but a 4 day week you will be les tiered.


I think that some weeks should be four day weeks so we get some extra rest and a bigger break.

Sam - Age 10

no as sum pepel need munny and shorter week meens les munny.

Ryan - Age 10

I think it would be better if we had 4 day weeks as first, 5:2 (Weekdays to weekends doesn't seem balanced to me) but 4:3 would make more sense and might also motivate people more as well to get things done.

Theo - Age 10

I think a four day weekend will be good as weekends are too short and you try and do too much as only two days off then five days of work again. So people can relax more and not rush about as much.

Ruben Hepwroth - Age 11

I think it is not good to work four day a week as we all do need a break may be appropriate on weekends but it may be harder for people because they won't have anywhere to go on one day missing because they might not be free on other days

Nahom - Age 9

It's great to have a break, and it would help us it will calm us down and make us ready to start again.

Sophia - Age 10

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