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Is there a place for sensory toys in the classroom?

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I think that this should be in classrooms for only necessary times. If a child needs time to calm down and take a break, then yes, they should be allowed to have one for a limited amount of time. But I think they should not be there for distraction.

Hareer - Age 10

Yes I think there should be because some people get fiddly and bite their nails chew their hair and some people have anger issues and I think it would help calm them down if they get mad

Elleanor - Age 9

I think they should be allowed in class because some children have disabilities so this makes some thing to do when they cant necessarily join in.

Amelia. a - Age 10

Kids with conditions such as ADHD or ASD may get triggered more easily to distractions and stress.rnIt makes sense for these kids to have them in class but I don't think they should be allowed IN the classroom for other students as it may CAUSE distractions but allowed outside.

fanta - Age 10

We are allowed sensory toys in class as long as they don't make any noise and disctract us.

Finley W - Age 11

we can have sensory toys like squishy balls and pop it's but they distrupt learning for our class

Oscar - Age 10

I do not think sensory toys should be allowed unless some people need them to concentrate.

Olivia - Age 11

we are aloud pop its in school as long as they don't make a noise i don't really care if i have a figit toy or not.

Rhys - Age 10

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