What role does sport play in our lives?

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You'd think that sports is just a way of exercise but its not, the way some people love art is the same way some love sports. You wouldn't force a person to do art so why do people force people to do sports as there are others methods of exercise.

fanta - Age 10

Lots of sports take place outside and this is good for Mental Health and wellbeing. It keeps us physically fit exercising your heart which will prevent disease in the future.

Theo - Age 11

Sport helps your physical and mental mind. Sports for me is time to have fun with my friends and do a bit of competition.

Oscar F - Age 10

sport is a big part of my life so i can get out of my house after school and its another opportunity to socalise

Rhys - Age 10

I think sport plays a very important role in our lives because it improves our physical health and is very enjoyable

Emily-Rose - Age 10

Sport is very important to us and is very important to us.

Olivia - Age 40

I love sports and think it is amazing for your well-being.

Ella R - Age 9

Sometimes I watch football with my daddy, I like it a little bit when score a goal. But I don’t like it when they get hurt.

Elspeth Rullo - Age 6

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