Is it always wrong to copy others?

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It can be a good thing to copy because it shows your passion for something,like if you copy your idol's outfit but change it up a bit to give i your own twist which,is fine.But copying something out of benefit,or spite is terribly wrong and should never happen.

Fanta - Age 10

It’s okay to copy because I copy all my school friends.They don’t say anything to me.If it’s a god idea we should copy and if it’s bad then just point out how terrible it is. Hannah Class 11


I think it is good to have people copying ideas, because you wouldn't copy a rubbish idea, you would copy a good idea. In fairness, it wouldn't be nice if you invented this awesome, beautiful cake and somebody went and made that same cake

Tabitha - Age 10

I don't think it's wrong if it's to help us learn.

Jay - Age 12

I don't think you should copy the work of others.

Maybel - Age 9

I think sometimes like for work it's Ok and othertimes, like when it's someone's idea it's not ok.

Grace-Jane - Age 9

I think copying is wrong.

Ben - Age 7

I think copying is usually bad, thought if someone lets you I think it is ok.

Jasper - Age 10

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