Should all schools have a library?

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Yes you should

Mayson - Age 10

We should have liberty’s every where

Mayson - Age 10

Yes, because it’s important to read

Teddy - Age 10

Yes because I like reading

Bailey - Age 9

ALL schools should have a library as they might read something that sparks an interest in them, and gain more vocab, which is great in the long run.

Fannie K - Age 10

Yes, I think all schools should have a library so children can choose their own book to borrow and read.

Samanvi - Age 8

I think we should have libraries in school. Even though we have reading books in school its important we can read a wide range of books which a library provide.

Kayleigh - Age 11

yes I feel like all schools need a better libary as most of the books are warn out most people don't have books at home so they also need to read more books in school.

Annie - Age 10

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