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Should anyone be allowed to buy a pet?

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I think that anyone who wants to have a pet should be checked first to make sure they can look after it properly.

Edwin - Age 7

No, we shouldn’t be allowed to buy pets at this time of the year because corona virus is still on the loose and the pet might have it too. From Evie ;]

Evie Box - Age 9

It depends because in some religions you can't buy pets but you can give them as a gift. It also depends on the person who wants that pet because if they can't take care of it they shouldn't be allowed to have one.

Baishta - Age 10

Yes anyone can have a pet, so long as they have the time and money to take care of it.

Faye James - Age 10

I think not everybody should be allowed a pet because some people are allergic, like my mum. And some people are very irresponsible and can't look after the pet properly.

Jenson cain - Age 9

I think people should be allowed to buy pets if they know how to take care of it and if they treat it how they would like to be treat. If they are not mature and responsible they have the option to take it back to a place for them. If they leave on the streets that's unfair!

Kacey Doney - Age 11

Not everyone should be able to buy a pet because some might hurt them and others might not have enough time and money to feed and look after them.

Charlotte Holmes-Ward - Age 8

people should look after the animals and my aunty had no one to live with so she got a cat named lianna. If you are a nice animal you can rescue and adopt a dog or cat, if that was me i would buy all the animals.

Tia Constantine - Age 5

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