Should we be allowed to walk wherever we like?

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No because some areas are other people's land and it might be private.

Dhruv - Age 10

No, I think we should only walk on footpaths, because if we walk were ever we like, we might get into a car accident because someone was walking on the road, or we might trample the farmer's crops, because we were walking on them.

Aadya Sahu - Age 9

I like footpaths because they are good for your health especially the green footpaths.

Fares - Age 11

I think you should not because it is not fair on the people who do n't want you to go on their land like farmers

Erin - Age 10

I think it shouldn't be allowed because it's someone else's property and you wouldn't like it if they did that to you.

Sia - Age 10

I think it is very unkind because it might annoy those people who own the land

Iacob - Age 10

I think it is OK if the landowners agree to it.

Theo - Age 10

No because its no safe as sometimes there are people cycling on the footpaths or sometimes there is potholes or some constructions ongoing on the footpath.

Dhruv Lakhani - Age 9

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