Is selling red noses the best way to raise money for charity?

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U think it is and isn’t because if u sneeze and someone else accidentally picks it up and starts wearing it they might get corona virus and also it can make you happy. But you would have to be really really carful

Abbigail davenport - Age 10

The charity is too much important for poor people.

Wadima - Age 9

I don’t think selling red noses is the best way. There are different ways to raise money that are less harmful to the environment like taking part in a sponsored bike ride.

Noah - Age 9

I think this is not a good way to raise money for a charity because this does not help the environment, we are keeping too much plastic on our planet. Instead we could use red paint on our nose on Red Nose Day and give a donation.

Bernard - Age 9

I don't believe that selling red noses is the best choice because there are countless ways to keep the environment safe while also raising money for charity.

Baishta - Age 10

Red nose day is not a good way to raise money because there are different ways to raise money for charity. We should not wear red noses because there are already lots of plastic on earth. The better way to raise money is paint your nose red ,and donate.

Anam - Age 9

I think it's a good way and a bad way as it can help people that need the money but a bad way as any one could pick it up and catch some of the germs

Morgan - Age 12

Yes because If you get a red nose, you can wear it and make you and everyone around you laugh and smile. It can also make money because on Red Nose Day, children wear them to school and they also bring donations

Pheobe - Age 9

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