Is it the responsibility of the young to protect the planet?

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Yes because if your old your not going to be strong enough to do all of that moving but young people have the muscles and bones that are strong enough to do save our planet

Raafiah - Age 11

I support Sir. David Attenborough, it is the responsibility of the young to protect the planet by changing their attitude and behaviour and be more responsible toward the environment

Fares - Age 11

We have to safe our environment by doing everything clean energy.

Wadima - Age 9

I think that young people need to take responsibility for the planet as it is our future but everyone’s actions, whatever age we are can impact this, therefore we are all responsible

Rebecca - Age 12

I think that it's everybody's responsibility because if everybody helps then it's even better so we can help the world quicker.

Jacobo - Age 7

It is the job of the young to help, but it is everyone's responsibility. It's like our house, we take care of it because we live in it and it should be the same with the planet we live on.

Taylor - Age 10

Yes because I think it is really really important to protect the planet and wildlife. We can help protect the planet and wildlife by trying to walk places instead of going in the car and put birdseed out for the birds and if you see an animal hurt or harmed help it.

Isabella Johnston - Age 9

Everyone has a responsibility to care for our planet, every little bit helps. Young people should take a greater interest because they will enjoy our planet for longer.

Year 5 - Age 10

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