How can we help those without a home?

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I want to raise some money in our school and we will put a suggestion to the pupil council

Taylor - Age 10

I think people should be helping homeless people they could give them food or a small amount of money. It is good that people are building shelters for homeless people and putting food in food banks.

Mamie - Age 8

I think people in the community should help the homeless, that is why we should all be grateful for food banks and help others by giving them food, clothes, blankets and a small amount of money.

Maria - Age 10

We can help homeless people by trying to give them a home which will help them get a job and also a bank account.

Eira - Age 10

Food shops that are closing could donate food. Homeless shelter from the empty buildings. Donate clothes and blankets that we don't need. Help people get back into work. Pet food shops could donate food. Food waste should not be thrown away but given to the homeless.

Acacia Tree class - Age 10

I think that everyone that is homeless should be given a chance to have a normal life again. I don`t think we should give them money on the street because they will spend it on things they do not need like illegal product.

Hebe - Age 10

I definitely think it is important for EVERYONE to have a home so that they can stay safe and to keep them away from bad weather.To help you could give them some more clothes ,you could give them some food and a warm drink or you could try and give them something for shelter.

Evie - Age 10

I think it is important that everyone has a home so they don't have to live outside in rainy,stormy and snowy weather I think we could help them by giving them blankets,food,water and maybe a tent instead of money so that you know that they don't get stuff that they don't need

ciara - Age 10

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