Should we always stand up for our communities?

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i think it is important that kayapo tribe to protect their people so that they won't get killed.

casey messenger - Age 10

i think it is important that kayapo tribe to protect their people because they are interesting.

Alex Harrison - Age 10

Clara and Ruby - we think that it is a yes AND a no because sometimes you do and sometimes you don't want to stand up for your community. Bee - I think it is good to stand up for yourself.

Clara,Ruby and Bee - Age 10

I don't think so because sometimes the community can be wrong. Sometimes the communities' are right

Mamie - Age 8

Yes, I would stand up for my community because if something was troubling them I would try to help them to get what they needed so they could make everyone happy. As every one deserves to smile.

Maria - Age 10

Yes you should stand up for your community if they need help and keep standing up for it until they get the help they need.

Eira - Age 10

I think that they are doing the right thing because if they block off the road then the government Will notice and take action by giving them what they need

Amelia - Age 9

Yes they should but only until they get help from Brazil and it spread the word so it was effective.

kyne - Age 10

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