How should we learn to manage our money?

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I think we should learn how to deal with money at school so for when we are older as a life skill.

Lucy Carter - Age 9

I would manage my money by saving half of my money for emergencies and the other half for life essentials

Julia - Age 10

we can learn from our mum and dad

Jamie l - Age 9

Sometimes we waste our money but some others don't, like for an example this is what we sometimes waste our money on: Chocolate, sweets, toys. And things we don't really need. So please, don't waste your money on things you don't need.

Chloe Crawley - Age 7

I don't get pocket money but I do get money for birthdays and Christmas. I am allowed to choose what I spend the money on, and go to the shops and pick what I would like. I have to make sure I have the correct amount of money to afford the item I want to buy.

william - Age 9

I think we should be able to learn about money and about how to deal with it for when we are

Lucy Cartyer

i think that we should spend our money wisely because if we say for example you spend £10 on a chocolate bar you would rather spend £10 on a school book .

Safaa Bham - Age 10

I thank the age number 4 5 6 to start getting pocket money rnI think pocket money is a good thing to get when you have been aked to do choresrnI recive pocket money now

craig - Age 9

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