Why do people choose the jobs they do?

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I think that I would choose a job where I could help people because that makes me happy. There are lots of different jobs so people can choose one that suits them. They might choose their job for different reasons to me.

Emily - Age 7

To get some money but it matters in what job they do because sometimes you get more the harder the job is.

Alex - Age 7

People chose the jobs they do because they like what they do and they are good at it. For example doctors chose their jobs because they like to help people to feel better.

Eryk - Age 13

They enjoy doing it , they want to help others , it's important , it's valuable and it's good to make money.

JJ - Age 10

Choosing a job is never easy task. there are pros and cons, well some people get jobs to earn money for their family to live happily so if you want to be a shopkeeper and then you get the job you will recive money from the custorms and you bring the money to home for your family.

Shivani Sosai - Age 8

My dad works in a hospital and during lockdown many NHS staff members had to move to different hospitals such as : Nightingale Hospital where my dad was working. Many people like my dad choose their job by thinking about if it would benefit anyone.

Saffah Eesa Bashir - Age 10

People might choose a certain job because they enjoy doing it and want to make a difference. They also might choose that particular job because it really helped them previously in their life, imagine them seriously ill but a doctor saves them. They then might want to be a doctor.

Bea - Age 10

I want to be a gardener so I can grow flowers, fruit and vegetables to share with everyone.

Pearl campbell - Age 11

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