Should we always believe what we hear from the news?

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sometimes we should because it is always true unless it is fake news

Alex - Age 7

I think this is a great idea from him using technology to help wildlife out, this is a great idea and I encourage him to do this good deed. I would like to live there because the positives are that we are discovering ways to benefit wildlife using technology.

Alexander - Age 10

No, because their are some bad people out there and we can't trust some people.

Luke - Age 10

Not all the time because some people want fame and make up interesting articles that aren't always true but is very catchy.

Autumn - Age 10

You should never believe what you hear from the news, in fact you should never believe the internet either unless you have proof of what you have heard. Never force yourself to not believe it either. Believe what you want to believe, and make sure no-one changes that.

Mohammad Anjam - Age 12

I think sometimes it is fake news or real news.

Precious - Age 9

Not always, as some is fake and there are ways to check if it isn't , or is.

James Ashworth - Age 8

I think that some people like to read news paper some of them are older but today most people don't like newspaper

Hadia - Age 11

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