If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

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I would live in Paignton because it is near the sea and you could go to the beach everyday and any day.

lucy - Age 9

My house because my family are their and I have what I need and nothing more, I am happy where I am and I am very lucky to have food, clean water, a bed, clothes and a roof above my head but some people don't.

Luke - Age 10

If I could live anywhere I would live on pluto because no one could come and disturb me and I could zoom around in a rocket all day.

Gus - Age 10

If I could live any where in the world it would be L.A. because it's very beautiful and huge. And has a perfect weather climate. Also there are lots of fun water parks and restraunts. That's my dream place Hope you enjoy.

Lina Boutarik Millou - Age 10

If I could live anywhere it would be somewhere like Africa where I can work in a sanctuary looking after wild animals like tigers and monkeys.

Chloe Crawley - Age 7

I would like to live in Scotland because it is beautiful there. I love it there because it is peaceful and the Lochs are pretty.

Alexia Lewington - Age 7

I would like to live in California near a beach. Because it will be really sunny and I could go to the beach and swim.

Aarav Ahlawat - Age 10

I would like to live in Luton because my cousins lives there. I really love them and they are the best that is why I want to live there.

Vihaan - Age 6

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