Who does outer space belong to?

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I think that space should be protected, we don't need to exploit it.

Rosie - Age 10

I think we should be allowed to explore and use space as long as every country agrees and it doesn't change of views at night.

Peter James - Age 9

Space is belong to everyone, we should not damage it is important to us. Outer space is the expanse that exits beyond the Earth and between celestical bodies. Space is also dangerous to travel there. Significant adverse effects a long term.

Shivani Sosai - Age 8

Space belongs to nobody. We can’t physically own it because who knows, there COULD be aliens or another living creature somewhere beyond our knowing. We just don’t know, and leading companies in space exploration are either doing other space projects or have not enough money.

Lewis Woodhead - Age 9

I think outer space belong to no one because no person has physically said That space belongs to me.

Charlotte - Age 10

I think we should be allowed to explore space. But we must be careful and take rubbish home.

Connor - Age 9

space belongs to no one because no one lives in it.

Anastasia - Age 9

I prefer we make a treaty for people to colinize space and make friends with aliens on other planets so we can have another intelligent species friends

Michael - Age 7

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