What makes some toys more popular than others?

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Because they are addictive or fun to play with, some toys are popular than others, whereas some toys are nice for a bit, but then they just get a bit boring after a while.

Tessa - Age 10

It's like a snowball effect. If one person likes it, then they tell their friends, then they tell their friends, suddenly everyone likes it!

Elliot - Age 12

If something is sold out, it makes everyone want it more - this makes it more popular!

Deakin - Age 14

Toys that are soft and cuddly!

Ami - Age 7

Anything with wheels that's fast and shiny most children like!

Jake - Age 10

It depends on your age. If you are young, you like soft toys and if you are old you like more smaller things like lego.

Philip - Age 8

I think if they are from a childrens film they will become more popular than other toys then you will show your friends, then they will show their other friends then it will spread and everyone will buy it!

Chloe Crawley - Age 7

favourite toy at the minute is Lego friend ‘srn because you make them and you work hard. Sam’s favourite toy was buzz light year. Emily’s favourite toy was animal hospital. Lily’s favourite toy was a tickle teddy. Dad ‘s favourite toy was a doll named Robert.

Lily - Age 8

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