Whose responsibility is it for us to have clean air to breathe?

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I think the people in charge need to take responsibility and make strict laws to control what goes into our air.

Pete - Age 10

I think that we all should have clean air.

Jessica - Age 5

It is vital that we all do more, the government need to create stricter laws, the UN need to take responsibility to everywhere in the world is equal. The people in Delhi deserve clean air as much as the people here in the UK.

Eddy - Age 12

It is all our responsibility to ensure that everyone has clean air to breath. There is a lot that we can do, however, governments and industry must work together to lead on making pollution a thing of the past and ensure a cleaner, greener planet for future generations.

Alfie - Age 11

I think everyone who drives, because they are polluting the air, which hurts our lungs.

Orishe - Age 8

I think that factories pollute the air because everything they make causes smoke to come out of the chimneys, which affects our lungs.

Mason - Age 8

I think that people should stop smoking because it goes into the air and damages other people's lungs.

Kieran - Age 9

I think the solution to cleaner air is to plant more trees. Individuals, groups, gardeners, farmers and MPs can all do this.

Class 4C - Age 8

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