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By Education Consultant Lisa Lodge

We are excited to launch two new products!

With all the teaching time lost in the summer term, we wanted to support our schools with products that may assist some needed catch up work. 

Picture News Communicate

This brand-new six-week oral language intervention has been designed to support children from ages 4 – 11. For our younger children, it can build their confidence to speak in front of a group, boost their vocabulary and build on their ability to speak in sentences and take turns in conversation. It can also support older children, who would benefit from some nurture group conversation time.

Picture News Communicate follows our familiar structure of inspiring the children with an A2 poster representing a news story from around the world.

Each news story is supported by four A2 real-life picture resources to make links from the news story to the children’s own lives and experiences. These bright and engaging images will spark reminders of different things the children may have seen or done, which then helps the conversation to flow.

The topics of conversation have been chosen specifically to be easy to talk about and relatable to young children as they are encouraged to share their thoughts.

The topics include: The Farm, Transport, The Weather, Food, Animals and Holidays.

Picture News Write

As children begin learning to write, the hardest stumbling block can usually be finding the confidence to have a go at writing real words and sentences on their own! They often want reassurance that the sound/letters they are writing are correct and these children just need stacks of practise and praise to get them writing more independently.

Picture News Write supports children to use their phonic skills to write words and simple sentences and builds up their confidence to write. It also follows our familiar structure by inspiring the children with a large A2 poster linked to an engaging news story from around the world.

Each news story provides stimulus to write at word level. The step by step guide assists the supporting adult to talk them through how to do this. The children then progress over 3 sessions from writing a word, to drawing and labelling and finally to writing a sentence in session 3.   

There are six packs within this intervention and each one has been carefully written in order to inspire children to want to write. As well as the Picture News poster, each pack contains two A2 picture resources, which will help give the children lots of ideas, so no child has to worry about not knowing what to write!

As additional resources to the pack, we have also included two A2 sound mats, which cover the sounds taught in phases 2 and 3 from the Letters and Sounds document. Again, it’s all about building their confidence so children can refer to the sound mats rather than asking an adult how to write a particular sound.

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