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Share the light

This Christmas time, we’d like to help share some joy. Whilst the festive period is a happy time for many, there are some who find it a trickier time, perhaps feeling lonely or sad.

We’ve chosen a special image by illustrator Lucy Burvant called Christmas Kindness to help inspire you to think of kind words to use during the festive period. Once written, your messages can be shared with others in your community. Perhaps posted or used as part of a presentation to residents in a local care home, shared with parents and families or as part of a Christmas display.
Published on 22 November 2021

Running out of fuel Special

How do lorry drivers keep our country moving?
Published on 13 October 2021

Emma Raducanu Victory Special

What did Emma Raducanu achieve?
Published on 13 October 2021

Afghanistan Special

What is happening in Afghanistan?
Published on 13 October 2021

Prince Philip Special

Who was Prince Philip?
Published on 13 October 2021

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