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The News Is Fake, Totally Fake by John Dabell

False, bogus, phony,  sham, hoax, artificial, mock, pseudo, spurious….take your pick but the one word that has upended all of these synonyms is ‘fake’ and it’s a word we...

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Deepfake Videos by John Dabell

Artificial Intelligence (AI) isn’t a technology of the future, it’s a technology of the present and it’s changing the world and how we see it and experience reality. It’s...

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What will news look like in the future? By John Dabell

They say that it’s difficult to make predictions, especially about the future! That’s certainly true when it comes to the news. Things change so fast and life is always...

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Good News

“Miss, tell me something good!” Children can be forgiven for thinking that the world is a very bad place with very bad people doing very bad things. It’s true,...

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Do you want the good news or the bad news? By John Dabell

  What makes the news? When the news makes the news then that really is news! Put simply, the news has never more been ‘in the news’. Over the...

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Picture News – a resource for dialogic classrooms by John Dabell

Great News It’s back to school and that means you will be getting your classroom ‘ready’ but what do you display? How you design your classroom matters because this...

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Top tips for teaching the news

At Picture News, we really value the learning that can be gained from the news. We think that the lessons children can learn from real-life situations is incredibly powerful but we...

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Promoting School Journalism by John Dabell

Getting children interested in the news isn’t rocket science. They are surrounded by news all day long but don’t take much notice of it even though they are producing...

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Fauxtography: Teaching Children To Look Again by John Dabell

What you see is what you get, right? Wrong. WYSIWYG might suggest that there is nothing hidden but when it comes to pictures, photos and images in the news...

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Taken On Trust by John Dabell

Some teachers actively encourage the children in their class to be independent learners and that’s a good thing. The 21st needs them. You gotta have sole In a Self-Organised...

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Ensuring a rounded education

This is an exciting time for schools teaching media and information literacy. The current interest in the news, particularly ‘fake news’, means that ‘the news’ and critical literacy skills...

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Visual Literacy by John Dabell

Children are consuming images at an extraordinary rate and it is therefore imperative that they learn how to ‘read’ them and develop the skills of exploration, critique and reflection....

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