We make assemblies simple! Each week we choose a current news story, turn it into a vibrant A2 poster with a thought provoking question and provide an assembly plan with British values, KS1 and KS2 focus cards all sent across in a colourful tube!

Ensuring a rounded education

This is an exciting time for schools teaching media and information literacy. The current interest in the news, particularly ‘fake news’...

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Katie Harrison


We are team of teachers past and present led by Head of Support Katie Harrison. We understand the time constraints of teachers and recognise that children can relate well to the world around them.

We aim to make lives easier by providing an instant resource for schools to use in a variety of ways, we are very passionate about making resources that can make a difference to the children in the schools we work with.


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Teaching Resources for Assemblies

Each weekly pack contains a large A2 poster with an open-ended question. We also include a detailed assembly plan, with web-links, KS1 and KS2 focus cards to develop further learning and a linked British values card.


Secondary Schools

Advanced Picture News is a weekly news resource which is often used during form time, based around a current news story and engaging image.

The resources are designed to be thought provoking, leading to discussions, debates and creative writing for pupils in KS3 and KS4. We place a great deal of emphasis on learning from the news (as well as about) and the resources are emailed direct to all your staff each Friday ready to use for the week ahead!

Please complete the contact form below to request a sample pack.

Embedding British Values

In an OFSTED Outstanding school... "Pupils' spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and, within this, the promotion of fundamental British values, are at the heart of the school's work." Through the use of Picture News, we can help keep your children up to date with the fast-changing world around them. Helping to challenge their ideas and pre-conceptions; ultimately this will help to broaden their horizons and enable them to deal with the modern world.

We are using Picture News posters as our assembly focus every week. They are brilliant at catching the children's attention and highlighting current news items in a child friendly way. Thank you for revamping our Assemblies and bringing the news into our school.

Deputy Head, Thrumpton Primary School.

Upcoming Events

WORKSHOP: Copthorne Primary School, All Saints Rd, Bradford BD7 3AY

3.45-5pm Learn practical, fun and unique ideas to help motivate and engage both staff and children through the captivating and ever-changing medium of news! To book a place, visit:

WORKSHOP: St. George's Central C.E Primary, Darlington St, Tyldesley M29 8DH

3.45-5pm Learn practical, fun and unique ideas to help motivate and engage both staff and children through the captivating and ever-changing medium of news! To book a place, visit:

Past Posters

Subscription Costs

1-year every week - £300
via post and email with full access to Picture News Online and receive a display wallet for storing posters free of charge

1-year alternate week - £210
via post and email every other week, with full access to Picture News Online – including all online packs, includes display wallet

1-year online only - £100
via email every week with full access to Picture News Online

If you are from a Scottish or Welsh school – please contact us for further details on your options.


I loved this week's poster and plan to use it in assembly on Monday. I've put it up in the hall for the children to consider beforehand.

Rachel Robinson, Acre Heads Primary School.

I want to know what is happening in the world so I can try and make the world a better place and keep people and animals healthy.

Isabel, Year 3

The news makes me aware of the bad and good things happening and when I’m older I can make an influence.

Connagh, Year 6

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